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OCS 901 Cleaning set for microscopes


  • 7-piece cleaning sets for microscopes und other optical instruments
  • This economical and fully equipped 7-piece cleaning set contains everything you need for the very best care of your microscope
  • A silicon hand blower, dust brush, 60 ml of cleaning fluid, lint-free duster, optical cleaning cloths and cleaning swabs. You get all that in a high-quality KERN storage bag which you can also easily fix onto your belt
  • You can use this set not only to gently clean your microscope, but also for example your camera, binoculars or all other optical surfaces
Brand: Optics
Packaging & shipping
Delivery: 24 h
Dimensions packaging (W×D×H): 150mm x 250mm x 100mm
Gross weight: 1 kg
Net weight: 500 g